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Pain Management Doctors in Scottsdale, AZ

Get Pain Relief You Need. At TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine Our Dedicated Doctors Provide Pain Management Treatments Near You. We Are Located at 16100 North, Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite G-100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Please Give Us a Call at (480) 725-4474 or Simply Request an Appointment Online.

Pain Management Doctors in Scottsdale, AZ

Moving Beyond Pain to Wellness

From “no hope” pain cases to mild, chronic pain, we specialize in effective, non-invasive pain relief therapies that treat not just the symptom but root causes.

Our innovative, non-pharmaceutical treatments are safe, effective alternatives to surgery and pharamaceuticals to get you in optimal balance and out of debilitating pain. In fact, over 90% of our patients enjoy a significant reduction of pain and increased range of motion.

What Types of People Benefit Most

Our patients reflect all ages and diverse backgrounds and experiences. However, what they have in common is acute or chronic pain from accidents and injuries, surgeries, sports-related pain, nerve pain, headaches, migraines, neuropathy, fibro-myalgia, back and joint issues including compressed disk and scoliosis, as well as other conditions.

Non-Invasive, FDA-Approved Advanced Technology



Our family of advanced, BioIntelligent Microcurrent technologies specifically treat the body for pain at the root causes and are an effective, safe alternative to surgery.

Cold Laser & Microcurrent Technology Treatments


LaserTouchOne™ combines two proven therapies: low level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation, which promote the body’s natural healing process at the cellular level.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF delivers an electromagnetic field into the body, creating an extraordinary healing effect. PEMF therapy helps the body re-energize damaged cells by inducing electrical changes within the cell that restore it to its normal healthy state.

In Our Approach To Pain Relief, We Believe…

You deserve personalized care that goes beyond treating symptoms.
You can prevent most chronic and acute pain.
You can treat most pain by focusing on the root cause.
You have the personal power to heal.
You were meant to have health, hope and happiness…
to fulfill your life purpose on this planet.

You can and will take control of your own body and health.
We can help.

16100 North, Greenway Hayden Loop,
Suite G-100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260