Inflammation Assessment

Welcome to Your Free Inflammation Assessment

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Our Commitment

TriVita Clinic is a passionate advocate for prevention, early detection and reversal of lifestyle related diseases using the best of evidence based conventional and alternative and complementary medicine with an emphasis on wellness for enhancing your purpose.

Chronic Inflammation Alert

Inflammation is the root cause for most chronic illnesses. The World Health Organization reports chronic inflammatory related disease is the greatest risk to humanity.

There is Hope

We are in the age of prevention and now more than ever is the time to identify and mitigate against the causes of many of the chronic illnesses that threaten the quality and longevity of our lives including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, kidney failure, amputation of limbs, emphysema and auto-immune conditions to name a few.


The purpose of this assessment is not to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is intended to help you become aware of inflammatory markers and causes of inflammation that you may not be aware of so you can be empowered to make changes to reduce them and by doing so reduce your incidence of serious chronic illness.

Your Information is Secure

All information provided is protected through a secure portal and will be kept confidential. Upon completing this assessment a member of our team will contact you to set up a convenient time to review your results.

Our Gift to You

Upon completion of the assessment a Care Coordinator will contact you to review the outcome of your results and options available to you for reducing your inflammatory markers. This service is free to you.

To learn more about Inflammation and what you can do to reduce it take a moment to watch one of these introductory videos.