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Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Specialist

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Specialist Questions and Answers

Suffering from Fibromyalgia? Our doctors can help! Talk to our team today at Trivita Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ about treatment for fibromyalgia. Call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ
Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

Table of Contents:

How do I know if I could have fibromyalgia?
What causes fibromyalgia to manifest in a person?
How do you treat fibromyalgia?

How do I know if I could have fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that causes sufferers to experience mood problems, fatigue, lack of sleep and most commonly, pain that runs throughout the body.

It can be hard to diagnose as all of the symptoms can be symptoms of other conditions and these symptoms can also be present with additional symptoms not noted here.

Other existing medical conditions with similar symptoms can also cause difficulty in diagnosing the presence of fibromyalgia in people. This can be further complicated by the fact that fibromyalgia symptoms can disappear and reappear over time, causing confusion and difficulty in reaching a diagnosis of the condition.

There isn’t currently an exact test to be able to confirm a fibromyalgia diagnosis and doctors typically have to rely on the symptoms a patient experiences in order to provide a diagnosis.

The primary symptom that doctors rely on, based on guidelines provided by the American College of Rheumatology, is the symptom of widespread pain that is experienced for at least three months.

They have defined the term widespread as affecting both the right and left sides of the body, and both above and below the waist, basically to encompass the entire body.

To help with a fibromyalgia diagnosis, your doctor may choose to do testing to rule out other potential causes of the symptoms that can include blood tests, a physical exam of the joints and muscles, a neurological exam and potentially a sleep study if you are waking up tired even after getting an adequate amount of sleep.

What causes fibromyalgia to manifest in a person?

Similar to the challenges with confirming a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in a person, determining the exact cause has also proven to be difficult.

From research and studies that have been performed, doctors haven’t been able to pinpoint a single cause of the condition, although there are some things that seem to increase a person’s likelihood of developing fibromyalgia.

Genetics appear to play a role in the development of fibromyalgia, with sufferers sometimes having immediate family members experiencing similar symptoms, even if they haven’t been properly diagnosed.

It has also been found that sometimes fibromyalgia symptoms show up following an event that was either physically or mentally traumatic.

This can be something like a severe car accident, due to the connection fibromyalgia symptoms seem to have with a change in the way the brain and spinal cord is able to process pain.

If you are exhibiting signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or have been diagnosed with it, your doctor may ask about any traumatic experiences you have recently had. This is because people with PTSD have been shown to have a higher appearance of fibromyalgia symptoms than people without PTSD.

How do you treat fibromyalgia?

While there is no one single treatment or cure available for fibromyalgia, there are a number of treatments that sufferers can use to manage and provide relief from symptoms of the condition.

These treatment options include both medication treatments and alternative, self-care therapies.
The goal of fibromyalgia treatment is to improve the patient’s overall health and well being, while minimizing and managing the symptoms, to allow them to lead as normal a life as possible.

Fibromyalgia sufferers can use a variety of medications in order to relieve the pain of the condition and help improve their sleep.
Medication options include over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen sodium, antidepressants and anti-seizure drugs.

Alternative therapy options have also been found to provide sufferers with relief from symptoms. These therapies can include physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling to help you learn to deal with stress.

Any course of treatment should be undertaken with the supervision of a medical doctor who can monitor your symptoms and gauge the effect the different treatment options are having to find the most effective route. A combination of medication and alternative therapy can also provide relief as they work in different ways.

At Trivita Clinic, our team of experts can work with patients to determine the proper diagnosis for their symptoms and help them to find the best treatment to provide them with relief. We serve patients from Scottsdale AZ, Arcadia AZ, Gainey Ranch AZ, Paradise Valley AZ, and Tempe AZ.


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