Brain Mapping & Neurofeedback Therapy

Brain Mapping & Neurofeedback Therapy Questions and Answers

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Now Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback are covered by most major health plans including Medicare, Mercy Care, AETNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Humana, United Healthcare and many others.

Table of Contents:

What is Brain Mapping?
What is Neurofeedback?
Is Neurofeedback Right for Me?

Dr. Ankit Chander MD - Medical Director of TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Ankit Chander MD

Medical Director of TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine
Bredesen Protocol Certified

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Brain Training for Better Function

Neurofeedback is a gradual training process to improve brain function and is yielding positive results for many people with mild to severe neurological conditions. People of all ages can experience dramatic improvements in conditions including ADHD, depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain trauma, insomnia, migraines, seizures, chronic pain, addiction, PTSD and even Alzheimer’s.

What is Brain Mapping?

The brain map, otherwise known as an EEG, is a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to evaluate brainwaves in real time and identify opportunities to improve communication between various regions of the brain. The brain map can capture a window of brain activity, analyze the data and create a visual representation of each lobe of the brain and each specific brainwave (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta). Detailed results are loaded to a secure database and then compared to similar individuals with healthy brain activity. The report identifies unhealthy brainwave patterns and connectivity issues that your healthcare provider will review with you.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a therapy used to correct brain imbalances found on the brain map. During each training session, patients watch a movie while neurofeedback software monitors brainwaves and gently guides them into healthy patterns. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes, and the average number of courses is 20-40 per patient. Results are often permanent, and no further neurofeedback training is required.

Is Neurofeedback Right for Me?

Neurofeedback does not target specific conditions. Instead, it realigns brainwaves, which changes timing and activation patterns in the brain. The result is better brain function, which has been scientifically proven to improve or eliminate symptoms. Below is a list of symptoms that have been shown to improve by using neurofeedback therapy.

– Anger Management
– Autism
– Brain Injury
– Depression
– Epilepsy / Seizures
– Insomnia
– Memory Loss
– OCD / Tourette’s
– Stress / PTSD
– Sleep disorders
– Substance abuse
– Addiction
– Anxiety
– Bipolar Disorder
– Chronic Pain
– Dyslexia
– Fibromyalgia
– Lyme Disease
– Migraines
– Parkinson’s
– Schizophrenia
– Stroke
– Alzheimer’s disease

Neurofeedback Research

There is more than 50 years of research published by thousands of licensed healthcare providers available showing the effects of neurofeedback on various neurological conditions. To view this research, please click here.

*Disclaimer: This service is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


▸Addictions, Substance Abuse
▸Alzheimer’s Disease
▸Anxiety, Depression, Various Mental Illnesses
▸Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
▸Brain Injury
▸Brain Mapping
▸Massage Therapy
▸Tourette’s syndrome

▸Cardiovascular Disease
▸Chronic Pain
▸Coronary Artery Disease
▸Dietary Supplements, Nutritional Coaching
▸Heart Smart Testing
▸Hormone Replacement Therapy
▸Lifestyle Modifications
▸Lyme Disease
▸Physical Examinations
▸Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy